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Hey there,

Would you mind following me on, please? You don't need a paid subscription, but you will need an account if you don't already have one.

I've recently been posting some of my existing content there, stuff you have already seen or at least have access to. I figure it provides exposure to a wide audience, so I've started posting there. Much to my surprise, I'm actually starting to get a little traction, even to the point of earning $10-15 per month. It isn't a lot, but it makes it worth my time to keep posting.

They recently emailed me and said that I don't have enough followers on their platform. If I don't have at least 100 by mid-March, they'll remove me and demonetize my articles.

Asking you for something without offering something in return isn't in my nature. So, once I hit 100 followers, I'll choose one of them at random and give them something from my Gumroad store. If you also happen to be on Medium, let me know and I'm happy to follow you, too.


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