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Develop Progressive Web Apps with Angular and Dump the App Stores (Video Course)

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How to Build and Deploy Mobile Applications without Paying Apple or Google for the Privilege 

Let me start out by saying that this isn't a 9-hour, in-depth, comprehensive course and 500-page book on Angular. Instead, it's a no-nonsense guide to getting your Angular app hosted as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) as quickly as possible, and with a minimum amount of fluff. 

You'll thank me for not wasting your time.

Forget the App Stores! 

They are too expensive: While Google only charges a one-time $25 fee to join, Apple charges $99/year just for the privilege of hosting your apps there. And even if you are willing to pay, those companies still have veto power over the content of your application. They are too complicated: Have you seen what's required to submit an application to either Apple or Google? 

Updates are painful: Each update to a mobile App Store requires going through the entire submission problem

You risk arbitrary rejection: When submitting to an app store, it is possible that a faceless stranger might reject your app. I actually had an app rejected by Apple because “it provided no user value.” Ouch.

It's time to say no.

As a software developer, you want your apps to reach as many people as possible, right? Which platform should you target to reach the most users possible? How about all of them? Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, let you do just that... and without paying Google or Apple to be in their stores.

Progressive Web Apps to the Rescue

No App Store Submissions! One of my favorite reasons to choose a PWA is that there are no app store submissions. If you are building an app for the enterprise, you may not want it distributed to users outside of your organization. Painless Updates: updating a PWA is no different than updating any other web app. Your features or bug fixes can go live as quickly as your build process allows.

What are you getting?

I’ll show you how to take an existing Angular application and deploy it to the web as a Progressive Web Application. This will make it easy for you to target the web, iOS, and Android, all at the same time, without ever asking Google or Apple for permission.

By the time you're done, you should have all the knowledge and confidence you need to deploy your own PWA that all your potential users can enjoy.

Praise for the Book

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Greg M said PWA Made Easy

I have built one PWA prior to reading this book. I found the process before to be quite daunting. Having all of the steps in one easy to read reference makes it seem so much more simple than I thought before. Seeing how difficult it is to get into the app stores these days, this seems like a much better option! The book is very engaging and includes lessons learned that the author went through. One of the many things that makes this book stand out to me is that the author even includes a sample application you can use to get going quickly in how to set up a PWA. If you already have an application written in Angular, or in Ionic, this book will give you exactly what you need to get it hosted as a PWA that your users can "install" on their home screens. I highly recommend this if you are just as frustrated as I am with getting apps distributed through apps stores!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Claudio Del Valle Cabello said Everything you need and more!

I've been building applications with Ionic and Angular for a couple of years. By now, the process is almost automatic. I know where to look and can point out just about all usual pitfalls one might encounter along the way. However, the very fact that the process is almost second nature precluded me from understanding some parts that either previous documentation and tutorials allowed me to complete by following the steps, or that I have repeated countless times and forgotten what they were actually doing. Furthermore, the format of this book lays out the commands, sections of code, and strategies of building a PWA in a way that gives you a holistic understanding of what you need to know plus guidance if you want to look further into a particular topic. I highly recommend reading the book all the way through, even if you already have an existing PWA, but if you need a quick reference it's easy to find things and jump around the book.


Is this course for a beginner just learning mobile app development?

I recommend this course for Angular developers who want the fastest path to installing their apps on mobile devices, without dealing with the various app stores. If you are truly just starting out, I recommend starting with one of my Ionic courses.

Is it Complete?

Yes. That said, one thing I love about this type of platform is that I can make incremental improvements and corrections as needed, to make sure the course stays relevant.

What if I prefer a book to a course?

Not to worry! The course includes the eBook or you can select the eBook itself. You can also purchase a Kindle-specific or print version at Amazon*.

What's the difference between getting the book from Amazon vs. here?

The Amazon version is cheaper, to start with. The reason for that is the version I sell here contains no DRM (digital rights management). You are free to copy it to all of your devices or print it. The version at Amazon is Kindle-only and is tied to your Amazon account.

Money Back if Not Completely Satisfied

If you don't feel that the course lives up to the price you paid for it, reply to the confirmation email within 30 days of your purchase and I will gladly refund 100% of your purchase price.

* Amazon links are affiliate links, and I may receive an extra commission from their use.

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Develop Progressive Web Apps with Angular and Dump the App Stores (Video Course)

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